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transmission repair

An automatic transmission with cutout to see the inside

The transmission of motor vehicles is where the gears reside. It is the first major part of the drive train (or powertrain), which is a series of parts that transfers the energy from the internal combustion engine to the wheels of the vehicle. The gears provide a mechanical advantage for different speeds. In a standard or manual transmission, the driver moves a stick shift to select the appropriate gear. All of the gears are continually rotating, whether they’re engaged or not. In an automatic transmission the gear arrangement is much different and there is a system of sensors and computers which controls the gears according to speed.

Transmission Maintenance

There is a specific mileage at which the transmission fluid should be flushed and replaced. That mileage can vary by make and model. The mileage for your specific vehicle can be found in the maintenance chart of the owner’s manual. It might be around 100,000 miles. Clean transmission fluid is important for keeping the transmission running smoothly and properly lubricated. This keeps the constant shifting of gears from getting damaged.

Transmission Repair

Transmission repair and replacement can be among the most expensive repairs of a vehicle. The inspection alone can be very extensive since the transmission may have to be accessed and opened. In some cases the it can be rebuilt and in other cases it may need to be replaced. At Crawford’s Auto Repair we always do our best to keep your expenses as low as possible. We offer free estimates and a price match guarantee.

If a transmission repair is required within three years of purchase, then it may be covered by warranty. That’s a rare case where you might want to check with the dealer. In most other cases we’d be a better option since our quality is the same or better and our prices are much more competitive than any dealership. Crawford’s Auto technicians had dealership experience before going into business on their own.

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