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Q: How much does such and such cost? What does it mean when my car does such and such?

A: This would be a very long FAQ page if we listed prices for everything that we do and possible causes of every vehicle symptom. One of the more common services is an oil change which is $29.95, except during promotions. Call us at (480) 201-0740 for a quote over the phone or to ask any question. However, keep in mind that no technician can accurately diagnose any problem without actually seeing the vehicle. If you already have a quote from another repair place and you’re shopping around for the best price, then you’d be interested in our Price Match Guarantee.

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Q: How is your price so good? Will you do the job right? Should I be concerned about the quality of your work?

A: First of all, you should not be concerned with the quality of our work or whether we can do the job right. We’re certified technicians with over 35 years of combined experience from small shops to large dealerships and we treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother. We understand which repairs require original manufacturer parts and which repairs can be done with after-market parts and we always present all available options so that the customer can decide. We always stand by our work. Occasionally a part that we install might fail if it has a defect that we weren’t aware of. This can happen to anyone, and if it ever happens here, then we replace it for free.

There are few reasons why our price is so low; mostly we’re able to offer lower prices because we keep our overhead at a minimum and we have the best labor rate of any of our competitors. We’ve made agreements with our landlord to reduce our rent in exchange for some improvements we’ve made. We don’t stock very much since we’re located close to all the parts distributors that we need, who usually deliver within the hour. All our marketing is done by word of mouth and on the internet at a very affordable rates through And, possibly the most significant reason is our business model does not include service writers. Service writers create a gap in communication between the customer and the auto technician and they often try to up-sell unnecessary services to increase commissions. Without service writers we can diagnose your vehicle’s problems better and at a much better price.

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Q: Do you perform a 40 point inspection? (Do you perform a 10 point inspection, 30 point inspection?)

A: No. While other shops may have a system like this, we actually have a superior policy. We check each vehicle thoroughly during our inspection whether it needs 10 check points or 100. Sometimes a 40 point inspection just isn’t sufficient and other times it’s overkill. We give each vehicle the best attention we can give it, regardless of how many check points it may require.

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Q: What if it takes 3 hours to perform an inspection? Do I still get a free quote?

A: The overwhelming majority of inspections take less than an hour. If it should take longer than that and it gets to the point where we have to start charging, then we’ll inform the customer first. We don’t like hidden fees and we don’t expect anyone else to like hidden fees either.

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Q: You say you don’t do “bait and switch” advertising, yet I see “free” offers all over the place. Really, what’s the deal?

A: The “free” offers aren’t meant to bait the customer. They’re meant to offer the customer a risk-free option so that they can find out what is actually wrong with the vehicle. After we inspect the vehicle thoroughly, we only present our findings and base our recommendations on the owner’s manual maintenance chart and on experience (depending on the situation). However, we don’t have any hidden fees and we don’t try to add unnecessary services like other shops and dealerships might. This is entirely different from the advertising of many of our competitor’s . Even the common $15 or $20 oil change coupons that a lot of people might see end up being $30 or $40 because of additional fees that weren’t mentioned in the coupon, and that’s only a mild example. It’s not uncommon for competitors to quote 2-3 times the price of our quotes because of their add-ons.

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Q: It seems like you guys can do anything. Are there any auto repairs that you don’t do?

A: When we say any repair on any vehicle, we do mean virtually anything, with the following exceptions:

  • We don’t do body and paint work, meaning we don’t perform dent repair. Sometimes “body” work implies fixing items like a door handle, and we do indeed perform repairs like that.
  • We don’t sell tires, but we check your tires during inspections, we can rotate the tires and align the wheels. We also do all brake work.
  • If the particular repair is potentially under warranty, then we don’t attempt the repair until we’re sure. Since we’ve worked at dealerships we have a good idea of what should be under warranty, so we’ve actually caught a few situations that our customers didn’t know about. Undoubtedly other shops would have just done the repair for the income and charged the customer for something that was already covered.
  • We don’t usually install car radios, but we can.
  • We don’t replace windshields
  • We don’t charge hybrid batteries. Read our Hybrid Services page.

Other than what we’ve mentioned above, it’s very rare for a repair to come into our shop that we can’t do. We even repair accessories on fleet vehicles or parts with electric motors and hydraulics, such as electric windows. If a repair comes in that we can’t perform, then we are up front about it and we can direct the person to the right place to get the repair done. For the many of the cases above, refer to our partners list.

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Q: Do you offer any promotions or coupons?

A: Yes we do. Check our promotions page.

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Q: I’ve never seen a local mechanic’s website with so much info and free stuff. How or why did you do all that?

A: We have a fantastic marketing manager that has made it part of our marketing plan to contribute to the community. We contribute to the internet community by offering free content in the form of articles, videos and an ebook. Also, we contribute to the local geographic community by teaching free classes on auto repair. Our policy of free quotes and similar offers are so that the customer can feel comfortable trying us out risk-free.

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Q: I sent a message using one of your contact forms and I never got a reply. Was it received?

We have a policy to respond to emails within 48 hours. Once an email is sent, you should receive a message in a green box saying it was sent successfully. If you received this message and still did not receive a reply, then we sincerely apologize. Please call us at (480) 201-0740 so that we get your questions answered and also can inform the individual that maintains our website.

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Q: Are your reviews online real?

A: Yes, they’re real reviews from real customers. Even the reviews that Yelp has filtered are real reviews from real customers. Our ratings and reviews are high across the internet because we offer great service. We make it a habit to ask each customer if we’ve performed 5-star service. When they say “yes”, then we ask them to leave us a review. When they say “no” (which has rarely ever happened), we do what we can to make it right before they leave the shop and before they leave any negative reviews online. We do whatever we can (within reason) to perform the best service at the best price.

Unlike many other companies with ratings as high as ours, we do not pay strangers to leave fake reviews online. As an incentive to our actual customers, we do offer a discount off their next visit every time they leave a review for us online. This is mostly to help people remember to do it.

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Q: Will Jeff do a Richard Simmons impression if I ask for it?

A: If we don’t have a full schedule, and if he’s in a good mood, then he might. But don’t tell him you got the idea from this web page or we might have to take it off.

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