Upcoming Class at Mesa Main Library This Saturday!

There is an upcoming auto repair class a the Mesa Main Library this Saturday:

General Maintenance – Learn how to maintain your vehicle. We’ll cover the vehicle owner’s manual, checking the oil and other fluids, the battery, fuses, belts, hoses and the air filter. This class is an excellent source of information for any vehicle owner. November 5th, 11 am to 12 noon at the Main Branch of the Mesa Public Library. Tuition: Free. Prerequisites: None, but we suggest you watch the tools and safety video and review what the dashboard indicator lights mean. (Download our ebook, Chapter 3).

See you there!

Free Auto Repair Class in One Week: How to Buy a Car

buy a car

Crawfords Auto Repair is collaborating with the Mesa Public Library to offer free classes on auto repair and maintenance. The next class is How to Buy a Car.

Learn the tips and tricks of buying a vehicle. Some tips are given for buying from the dealer. However the class focuses on buying used vehicles for sale by owner. June 4, 11 am to 12 noon at the Main Branch of the Mesa Public Library. Tuition: Free. Prerequisites: none.

Reserve Your Seat and Come To This Class.

Free Auto Repair Class in One Week: General Maintance

car troubles

Crawfords Auto Repair is collaborating with the Mesa Public Library to offer free classes on auto repair. The next class is on General Maintenance.

  • Learn how to maintain your vehicle:
  • Vehicle Owner’s Manual
  • Checking oil and other fluids
  • Battery Inspection
  • Inspection of fuses, belts, hoses and air filter

This class is an excellent source of information for any business owner.

Reserve Your Seat and Come to This Event

Free Automotive Classes Page Updated

The automotive classes page has been updated. Check out our upcoming classes.

Future of Tire Technology

tire technologyThe Future of Tire Technology

Tire technology has advanced in a major way over the course of the last couple of decades. Even though you might not be aware of the progress of major tire companies, even more changes have taken place with regards to niche tire technology. However, these rare instances that are outlined further in the text, may well be looking at entering the waters of the mainstream any time now.

Self-Inflating Tires

Years back, this might’ve sounded like a piece of a sci-fi movie, even though this technology has been around for a while now – only not in mainstream use. Self-inflating tires have seen a ton of success when it comes to heavy machinery, military vehicles, including the Humvee, and therefore have seen a stroke of mainstream success in its civilian counterpart – the Hummer. Each tire comes equipped with sensors that are sensitive to tire pressure. At the moment the pressure gets too low, a valve is released, which causes deflation. The way the Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) works is outlined further: an electronic control unit is tasked with monitoring tire pressure every 10 minutes and is in direct communication with the pneumatic control unit. This unit controls the air source and a valve which supplies the user with control of inflation and deflation.

Tires that Change Color

One of the main issues when it comes to tires, is knowing when they’re up for replacement. Yes, you can easily look at the tire thread in order to check the tire’s life, but this is extremely difficult to perform on a mounted one. What Discolor Tire has to offer is knowing at all times when it’s replacing time. Once it’s new, the tire is in no way different than your regular model. However, as it’s going through wear and tear, the Discolor Tire an orange rubber, concealed inside, starts to appear. This simple, yet useful technological advance has made checking tires significantly easier. Once it gets below the legal level of wear and tear, the orange thread is quite visible and obvious, enough for any authority figure to notice. In this way, drivers are encouraged to (or perhaps scared into it) do the necessary tire maintenance.

Dandelion Tires

Even though this may sound whacky (as I am quite sure it does), we assure you that we didn’t make it up. Yes, a group of German scientists have in fact come up with a process which creates rubber from roots of dandelion. This eco-friendly innovation offers switching from obtaining rubber from rubber trees, to harvesting it from the roots of the mentioned plant. Quite more impervious to weather conditions than the rubber trees, this type of tire can help turn the rubber-making process, as well as the tires themselves significantly greener.

Airless Tires

Consisting of a solid hub, flexible polyurethane spokes and an outer tread band, this interesting idea has been in use for maintenance vehicles for quite a while now. Instead of air, this type of tire uses the spokes to absorb the force of road impact. This innovative technology offers high lateral strength and can last as much as thrice longer than your regular tire. Special tread patterns are used to limit hydroplaning, while remaining an eco-friendly choice. However, these are still not ready for mainstream use, seeing as how the current models make for more friction than your regular tire. Despite this, airless tires still remain useful for Segways, mine-detecting vehicles, as well as wheelchairs.

Self-Regenerating Tires

Okay, these tires do not really miraculously regenerate, per se. Instead, they come equipped with a second layer of tread, which is exposed after the first one succumbs to use. Extending the life of a tire by as much as 30%, this could end up saving the drivers a whole lot of money. These were just a couple of exciting new ideas to show you what to expect in the future of the tire world. Tyreright has a plethora of other interesting examples to occupy the free time of all of you motor heads out there.


Guest post by Oscar Waterworth. Oscar Waterworth is a tech enthusiast and a writer from Sydney. He spends his free time reading and writing about new trends in business and technology. He is a proud father of two kids and blogging is not his day job. If you want to get to know Oscar better, you can follow him on Twitter.

Free Automotive Classes Page Updated

The Free Automotive Classes page has been updated with the latest schedule. We’re starting a new round of classes next month with the first class, Brakes and Tires, at the Dobson Ranch Library.

Instead of teaching all 9 classes this year, we’ll be teaching four beginners classes twice and anyone who wants to come to more can sign up for the intermediate classes.

Crawford’s Auto Repair Receives the Angie’s List Super Service Award

Crawford's Auto Repair Mesa AZ 85210 wins award

Crawford’s Auto Repair, Mesa AZ 85210, Winner of 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award

We’ve just been awarded the 2014 Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Only about 5% of Auto Repair shops in the Mesa, AZ area are eligible to win this award. In order to qualify, a business has to “maintain an “A” rating in overall grade, recent grade, and review period grade; the company must be in good standing with Angie’s List, pass a background check and abide by Angie’s List operational guidelines.”

Thanks to all our customers both on Angie’s List and other review sites around the web who have helped us earn this award by leaving reviews for our business. We will continue to offer and improve supreme customer service that makes you and your pocketbook happy and keep your vehicles running smoothly and efficiently.

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7th Free Auto Repair Class Last Sat, Next Class Nov 1

Our seventh free auto repair class was last Saturday, October 1 on the Cooling System. Read the PowerPoint presentation on slideshare if you missed it. There are videos at the end of the presentation that explain the cooling system flush and pressure test in further detail.

Our next class will be here at the Crawford’s Auto Repair shop on November 1, 11 am to 12 noon. It will be about the brake system. As always, more details can be found on our Free Classes page or on Eventbrite (click on the RSVP button below)

Eventbrite - Free Auto Repair Class: Brakes
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6th Free Auto Class last Saturday

drive train classLast Saturday, (9/6), we had our 6th free auto class on vehicle maintenance and repair at the Dobson Library. This class was on the Drive Train. Even if Jeff’s son didn’t seem that interested in the photo, we generally get positive feedback from the students who join us every first Saturday of the month. You can read the slides on slide share if you missed the class. The classes are intended for a general audience. Yet, Boy Scouts will find them useful for completing the Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge.

Our next class is on The Cooling System. It will be at the shop on the corner of Alma School and Guadalupe, Mesa, AZ on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 11 am.
Eventbrite - Free Auto Repair Class: The Cooling System

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Crawfords Auto Repair was Featured in an Angie’s List Article

Jeff Crawford and Crawford’s Auto Repair were both featured in an Angie’s List article about do-it-yourself brake pad replacement. Anyone who is interested in saving money by changing their brake pads themselves can read the article on Angie’s List Articles. There is one minor correction for the article: it says we teach a monthly class on replacing brake pads which isn’t quite accurate. We teach a monthly class on Auto Repair in collaboration with the Mesa Public Library. The only class we teach on brakes this year will be in November unless you have a large enough group and want to schedule a custom class.

crawfords auto article on Angie's List

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