Free Safety Check

Other repair shops may lure customers with free services and then charge them for maintenance and repairs that aren’t needed. Although we provide a “free safety check”  to allow our marketing to compete, we never try to sell unnecessary services or repairs.

free safety checkAt Crawford’s Auto Repair we offer a free safety check with every vehicle evaluation. Free safety checks are included so that we can help all drivers be safe and protect everyone on the road. Sometimes customers might be in a hurry and choose to forego the free safety check. In these cases we always try to be as accommodating as we can be. The free safety check is not required; it’s simply an added service that we perform.

What a Free Safety Check includes:

A proper safety check will start with an inspection of all external lights on the vehicle. These include brake lights, tail lights, headlights, fog lights, turn signals, emergency signal (which has its own circuit distinct from turn signals), and license plate light. Then we’ll inspect the dash and interior lights. The dash lights can vary between makes and models, but they may include any warning lights, anti-lock brake lights, check engine light, temperature light, oil light, tire pressure monitor (if present) and all other gauges on the instrument panel. Next, we check the operation of the wiper and washer system and inspect the wiper blades. Then we inspect under the hood. We check all fluid levels, conditions of the fluids, and watch for any signs of leaks (see a more detailed description of car fluids). We check the condition of belts and hoses. We inspect the battery, battery terminal and cables. Also, free brake checks are included.

What to expect from Crawford’s Auto Repair when you bring your vehicle in for a free safety check:

  • You’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. We’re always happy to meet new people.
  • You’ll speak directly with an owner/auto technician. Our business model does not include service writers, who are essentially middleman sales people. Service writers create gaps in communication between the customer and technician, and they often try to up-sell the customer to increase commissions. Without service writers, we can actually diagnose your vehicle’s problems better and for a much better price.
  • The technician will write down the symptoms or needs of your vehicle. He may take the vehicle for a test drive. Then he will perform a thorough inspection. We always provide free quotes to the customer and we never perform any services or repairs without the customer’s approval.
  • You’re always invited into our repair shop to observe the mechanic as he works. You’re also welcome to sit comfortably in our waiting room with free WiFi internet access. If you need to go somewhere while your vehicle is in the shop, we offer a free shuttle service.
  • We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother.
  • We never try to sell unnecessary repairs. We just tell it like it is. We don’t work on commissions, and we don’t do “bait and switch” advertising.
  • We strive to live up to our slogan of “quality you can trust.” See our customer reviews or read about some of our services in detail.

Our policy of free quotes, combined with our experience and our price match guarantee, mean that you get the best deal for the best price at Crawford’s Auto Repair.

Customer review:
“First time here and I must say it is very nice to find a local repair shop that is honest and professional. . . they really went the extra mile and rotated the tires, checked [the] fluids and found a few issues I was not aware of. All this for a better price than the big box lube shops. I now have a new repair shop!”Marc B.

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