Free Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Get a free check engine light diagnostic at Crawford’s Auto Repair.

free check engine light diagnosticThe check engine light is a light that illuminates on your dashboard when there is something wrong with the engine. If it is illuminated, then you probably wouldn’t pass an emissions test. Your vehicle should be checked as soon as possible and the inspection won’t cost anything with our free check engine light diagnostic.

What a free check engine light diagnostic includes:

We begin the check engine light diagnostic by connecting a diagnostic device to the vehicle’s computer. The device will display a DTC (or diagnostic trouble code), which gives us the starting point of where to visually or manually inspect the vehicle.

Often, people think that connecting the diagnostic scanner is the only action that the diagnostic entails. At other shops where they advertise a free check engine light diagnostic, that may even be the case. However, it doesn’t stop there at Crawford’s Auto. Sometimes the code that displays on the scanner will indicate further inspection. As an example, the diagnostic trouble code po171 means “bank 1 lean”. This can be caused by low fuel pressure, the mass air flow sensor (AFS), or a vacuum leak. If the customer were only given the po171 code (which is the extent of what could be done in other shops), then the diagnostic is actually incomplete. The DTCs only indicate the potential causes of a problem, and it’s the technician’s job to find the actual cause.

Another aspect of a check engine light diagnostic is a pinpoint test, which can be very complicated and difficult to understand. The service manual for the make and model of the vehicle is often consulted for this test, even when the technician performing the repairs is highly trained and experienced.

Generally we’re able to complete the diagnostic within an hour. If the diagnostic is more extensive then we will advise the customer of any charges before proceeding.

What to expect from Crawford’s when you bring us your vehicle for a free check engine light diagnostic:

  • You’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. We’re always happy to meet new people.
  • You’ll speak directly with an owner/auto technician. Our business model does not include service writers, who are essentially middleman sales people. Service writers create gaps in communication between the customer and technician, and they often try to up-sell the customer to increase commissions. Without service writers, we can actually diagnose your vehicle’s problems better and for a much better price.
  • You’re always invited into our repair shop to observe the mechanic as he works. You’re also welcome to sit comfortably in our waiting room with free WiFi internet access. If you need to go somewhere while your vehicle is in the shop, we offer a free shuttle service.
  • We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother.
  • We just tell it like it is and we don’t do “bait and switch” advertising. Other shops may try to lure customers by offering a “free” diagnostic and then charge them for services that they don’t need. We never try to sell unnecessary repairs.
  • We strive to live up to our slogan of “quality you can trust.” See our customer reviews.

Customer reviews:

“These guys are experts for sure. . . Jeff and Brad are professionals who KNOW what they are doing. They just got me through emissions testing.” –Tony H.

“My car failed the Emissions Test. It is an older vehicle, so something could be wrong. . . Decided to inquire at Crawford’s. I’m glad I did. They confirmed that my car is functioning properly – apparently one of the lanes had bad equipment. Went back to the Emissions Test the same day – went through a different lane, and I passed! Thank you, Crawford’s for your excellent customer service and honesty.” –Michael M.

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