Used Car Evaluation

used car evaluationOur used car evaluation can benefit both sellers and buyers of used cars. If you’re thinking of buying a used vehicle, it is common for the current owner to allow a test drive. During that test drive you can bring the car to the shop to have us evaluate it. Most cars look nice when they’re being sold. They’re usually washed and clean with a very welcoming interior. While all that is great on the outside, as a potential buyer you need to know what the vehicle is like on the inside.

Our simple used car evaluation can save you money down the road by helping you to avoid buying a lemon. Nobody wants to buy a used car at any price only to find out later that it needs hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of repairs. When you bring the car in, we’ll evaluate it thoroughly and give you every detail of our findings. You’ll also be welcome to use free internet access to get an updated price from Kelley Blue Book once our inspection is complete. This can be especially helpful when the seller is asking for the Kelly Blue Book price of a vehicle in better condition than it actually is.

If you’re selling a used car, then you can also benefit from our used car evaluation. We’ll present you with a certificate of our evaluation and verify as an independent third party that your vehicle is worth the price. Your potential buyers can call us any time during office hours to get a full (and honest) description of our findings. As a seller, possession of our used car evaluation certificate will give you confidence when negotiating or asking for the firm amount.

A used car evaluation is not included when we offer free quotes. Free quotes are intended to reveal current vehicle problems to vehicle owners who will potentially be buying repairs. Generally, our used car evaluation is $29.95. You may be able to get it for less through our regular promotions. Our price match guarantee applies. Also, if you attend one of our free classes on auto repair, particularly the one on How to buy a car, then you can get a used car evaluation for free. If you’re a seller and you use our services to improve the vehicle before you sell it, then we’ll include our certificate for free.

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