Preventative Maintenance

preventative maintenanceThere were many services that were required in older vehicles for annual preventative maintenance, such as a cooling system flush, a transmission service, an oil change every 3,000 miles, and a tune up. For modern engines and fluids, the intervals have been changed. For each particular car the best resource for determining maintenance intervals is the owner’s manual.

Preventative maintenance in modern vehicles:

The following are general guidelines for preventative maintenance in most modern vehicles:

  • The average cooling system should not require service for 5 years or 100,000 miles.
  • Most manufacturers do not require a transmission service as preventative maintenance for the modern vehicle.
  • Oil change intervals have changed to 5,000 miles on most modern vehicles. In severe weather conditions it is more frequent.
  • Most spark plugs are not to be serviced until 100,000 miles. In older vehicles tune ups were an annual requirement.
  • The AC system should not be opened unless there is a problem. Every time the system is opened there is a small amount of refrigerant loss which will eventually lead to poor AC performance. A free AC check at Crawford’s Auto Repair entails a visual inspection of the AC system and a temperature measurement at the vents. If there is a problem then the evaluation is a little more involved and could include a dye mixed with the refrigerant to identify a leak.
  • Brake pads should be replaced when they are less than 20% of their original thickness.
  • Most cars have standard maintenance checks at 30,000 miles, 90,000 miles and 150,000 miles. This is simply to check for any potential problems, but generally at 30,000 miles the vehicle won’t need anything other than an oil change.

The owner’s manual for your vehicle may specify different intervals in the maintenance chart. We’ve included this page for reference and also to help consumers save money when taking their vehicles to auto repair shops. Since it is a common practice for service writers to up-sell unnecessary services, customers can save money by being properly informed on what their vehicle needs. At Crawford’s Auto Repair, we don’t have services writers. This actually allows us to provide services at a lower price.

If your car is in need of standard maintenance then feel free to bring it to the shop. We treat each car as if it belonged to our own mother and we never try to sell unnecessary repairs. We offer a free estimatefree shuttle service and a price match guarantee for all repairs and services.

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