Free Brake Check

The brake services at Crawford’s Auto Repair begin with a free brake check.

free brake checkA free brake check includes a visual inspection of the master cylinder, slave cylinders, brake lines, shoes and drums, and pads and rotors. (There are two different kinds of brakes: drum brakes and disc brakes. Some vehicles only have one type, but others may have both types between the front and rear brakes). While the wheels are still removed, the customer will be shown the wear of the wheels and tires, the thickness of the brake pads, the condition of the rotors and calipers, and other findings that are relevant. We may also test drive the vehicle as part of the inspection. For more information on how the inspection should be conducted, read What to expect from the mechanic during a proper brake inspection. The brakes of any vehicle are a critical safety feature and their maintenance is crucial to protecting the lives of everyone on the road.

If you answer positively to any of the following, then it’s time to have your brakes checked:

  • On your dashboard the brake light is constantly on.
  • You feel your vehicle is taking longer to stop than it should.
  • There is a high pitched squeal and/or grinding sound as you’re braking. The sound may or may not be audible over the sound of the car stereo. (If grinding is occurring then you may be in danger while driving and the repair job will be more expensive).
  • The car pulls to one side while driving or braking.
  • The brake pedal vibrates as you’re braking.
  • You have to push the brake pedal all the way to floor in order to get your car to stop.
  • OR your brakes engage with the slightest touch of the pedal.

If any of the following is detected during the brake check then it’s time to have the brakes repaired:

  • If the brake pads are less than 20% of the original thickness then it’s time to get them replaced. If the thickness is at 20%, then you may be able to go until the next oil change; if the thickness is at 10% or less then they need to be changed immediately. (Maintaining your brake pads at the appropriate thickness is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs in the future).
  • The rotor should be smooth; if there are any deep groves then it should be reconditioned or replaced
  • Other findings related to the calipers, hydraulic system and brake fluid may indicate the need for repairs.

What to expect when you bring your vehicle to Crawford’s for a free brake check:

  • You’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. We’re always happy to meet new people.
  • You’ll speak directly with an owner/auto technician. Our business model does not include service writers, who are essentially middleman sales people. Service writers create gaps in communication between the customer and technician, and they often try to up-sell the customer to increase commissions. Without service writers, we can actually diagnose your vehicle’s problems better and for a much better price.
  • The technician will write down the symptoms or needs of your vehicle. He may take the vehicle for a test drive. Then he will perform a thorough inspection that includes a free safety check. We always provide free quotes to the customer and we never perform any services or repairs without the customer’s approval.
  • You’re always invited into our repair shop to observe the mechanic as he works. You’re also welcome to sit comfortably in our waiting room with free WiFi internet access. If you need to go somewhere while your vehicle is in the shop, we offer a free shuttle service.
  • We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother.
  • We just tell it like it is and we don’t do “bait and switch” advertising. Other shops may advertise “free brake checks” to draw customers into the shop and charge them for unnecessary brake repairs. Although we display the same offer to allow our marketing to compete, we will never try to sell unnecessary repairs.
  • We strive to live up to our slogan of “quality you can trust.” See our customer reviews.

Customer review:
“Fast, honest and reliable. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for service!” –Amanda W.

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