Steering Services

If your vehicle is having any steering problems, then bring it to Crawfords Auto Repair for our steering services.

steering servicesSome of the more common steering symptoms include:

  • a change in steering performance
  • the vehicle pulls to one side while driving
  • loose steering when turning the wheel
  • vibration while turning

If the vehicle requires increased effort for steering then there may be something wrong with the power steering. Similar symptoms can also indicate a problem with the brakes, tires, or other systems of the vehicle.

Steering services include all maintenance and repairs for the steering and power steering systems. A steering system of an automobile consists of multiple components. These include the steering gear, inner tie rod, outer tie rod, ball joints and a steering knuckle. Older vehicles use conventional steering gears and newer vehicles use a rack and pinion. These gears provide mechanical advantage for steering. When you turn the steering wheel, the steering gear moves the tie rod ends left or right, which are attached to the steering knuckle, which turns the wheels.

Most modern vehicles have power-assisted steering. There are two types: hydraulic-assisted and electric power assisted. Hydraulic-assisted uses hydraulic fluid under pressure to make steering easier. An electric power system uses an electric motor to assist in steering the wheels through complex computer systems. Between the two types, electric power steering is more efficient since power is only used when you’re actually turning. This helps to increase fuel economy and performance.

At Crawford’s Auto Repair, we can accurately diagnose and perform any vehicle steering services and repairs. We offer free shuttle service, free quotes and a price match guarantee for every customer.

Customer review:
“Jeff and Brad are probably two of the most honest and knowledgeable technicians in the business. My truck’s steering felt a bit sloppy. [They] discovered the rack and pinion was leaking so it needed a replacement. Jeff did a great job at a fair price.” –Robert H.
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