Hybrid Services

Bring your hybrid vehicle to Crawford’s Auto Repair for our hybrid services.

hybrid servicesThe general services that we provide are the same for hybrid vehicles, regular gasoline and diesel engines, except where these vehicles differ. Most of a hybrid vehicle is the same as a regular gasoline vehicle. The major differences between hybrid vehicles and regular gasoline vehicles are the battery and the transmission. Hybrid vehicle batteries are recharged by the engine, just like a regular gasoline battery, but they’re also charged as the brakes are applied to slow the vehicle. A specialized alternator is used for this purpose. When the vehicle fails to recharge the battery, the battery may no longer hold a charge. That’s when it needs to be replaced. Also, unlike some transmissions in gasoline or diesel engines that can be repaired, a hybrid vehicle transmission can only be replaced once it is damaged. Battery and transmission replacement are the repairs which are unique to hybrid vehicles since these particular parts are unique.

If for some reason the battery is still good and the vehicle is still not recharging it, the only place where the battery can be recharged is at the dealership. Recharging a hybrid battery is the main service that a dealership provides which independent shops do not. The benefit of bringing a hybrid vehicle to us before going to the dealership is that we provide an honest, accurate and free estimate at a much better price. Dealership services will absolutely cost more across the board and they’ll have service writers that may try to sell unnecessary additional services.

What to expect when bringing a hybrid to Crawford’s Auto Repair for hybrid services:

  • You’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. We’re always happy to meet new people.
  • You’ll speak directly with an owner/auto technician. Our business model does not include service writers, who are essentially middleman sales people. Service writers create gaps in communication between the customer and technician, and they often try to up-sell the customer to increase commissions. Without service writers, we can actually diagnose your vehicle’s problems better and for a much better price.
  • The technician will write down the symptoms or needs of your vehicle. He may take the vehicle for a test drive. Then he will perform a thorough inspection that includes a free safety check. We always provide free quotes to the customer and we never perform any services or repairs without the customer’s approval.
  • You’re always invited into our repair shop to observe the mechanic as he works. You’re also welcome to sit comfortably in our waiting room with free WiFi internet access. If you need to go somewhere while your vehicle is in the shop, we offer a free shuttle service.
  • We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother.
  • We never try to sell unnecessary repairs. We just tell it like it is. We don’t work on commissions, and we don’t do “bait and switch” advertising.
  • We strive to live up to our slogan of “quality you can trust.” See our customer reviews or read about some of our services in detail.

Customer review:
“Brad is the best mechanic I’ve ever used. He’s fast, thorough and doesn’t recommend additional work unless it is truly needed! Id recommend him for any vehicle type, anytime, anywhere!” –Janine F.
See more customer reviews.

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