Free Automotive Classes

Mesa Public Library 64 E 1st St, Mesa, AZ 85201

You’re Invited to our Free Automotive Classes!

Crawford’s Auto Repair is collaborating with the Mesa Public Library to present free classes on car care maintenance and repair. All classes have about a half hour of curriculum and then we open the time for anyone to ask any questions. Classes are now being presented at the main branch of the library.

Upcoming beginner’s classes:

There are currently no classes scheduled. The following is a description of our beginner’s classes that are TBA:

General Maintenance – Learn how to maintain your vehicle. We’ll cover the vehicle owner’s manual, checking the oil and other fluids, the battery, fuses, belts, hoses and the air filter. This class is an excellent source of information for any vehicle owner. Tuition: Free. Prerequisites: None, but we suggest you watch the tools and safety video and review what the dashboard indicator lights mean. (Download our ebook, Chapter 3).

How to Buy a Car – Learn the tips and tricks of buying a vehicle. Some tips are given for buying from the dealer. However the class focuses on buying used vehicles for sale by owner. Tuition: Free. Prerequisites: none.

Brakes and Tires – A brake and tire inspection can be done by vehicle owners and auto technicians alike. Parts of the braking system include the anti-lock brake system, rotors, drums, pads and shoes. This class also shows where to find the inflation guide for your tires and the tire wear bar. A tire change demonstration in the parking lot is included after meeting in the classroom. Tuition: Free. Prerequisites: none.

The Auto Repair Industry – Learn about the about the various jobs available in the auto repair industry and why it’s better to choose an auto repair shop without a service writer. Tuition: Free. Prerequisites: none.

Classes Scheduled on Demand:

Anyone who is interested can also sign up for our intermediate classes. When 10 or more sign up for these classes then we’ll schedule them on demand for week nights or Saturdays. Additional beginner’s classes can also be scheduled on demand. Intermediate classes include the following:

  • The Internal Combustion Engine
  • The Drive Train
  • The Fuel System
  • The Ignition System
  • The Cooling System

These classes are for a general audience of teens and adults. Boy Scouts can earn the Automotive Maintenance merit badge by taking all the classes. Anyone who takes all 9 classes will have a better understanding of auto mechanics. They’ll be able to communicate with their mechanic better, do more repairs on their own, and/or have a good start to a career as a mechanic.

About the Instructor: Jeff Crawford has over 20 years of experience as an auto technician. He has worked in every auto repair environment from small shops to dealerships. He is the partner owner of Crawford’s Auto Repair, located at 2855 S Alma School Rd, Suite 107, Mesa AZ 85210.

Contact us for more info about the classes or about auto repair in general.

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