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electrical system

The alternator is an integral part of the electrical system. (Usually there is a belt, which has been removed for this picture).

Many people assume that the electrical system refers to all the electrical parts of the vehicle, such as vehicle lighting, power locks and power windows. With a few exceptions, we do indeed repair any part of the vehicle. So if you’ve got a problem with your locks, windows or anything electrical, then bring it in and we’ll get it repaired. We can even fix industrial accessories on fleet vehicles or any parts with electric motors and hydraulics. Computers are used throughout modern vehicles as integral parts of the power steering, transmission, anti-lock brakes, and other systems. As such, they all have electrical components. Sometimes electrical problems can simply be fixed by replacing a blown fuse. Anytime you bring in a vehicle we check all vehicle lighting and the dashboard instrument control panel as part of our free inspection.

However, when auto technicians discuss the “electrical system”, it generally refers to a very specific system which regulates the firing order of the cylinders of internal combustion engines. The main parts of this system are the battery, alternator and ignition system. The battery powers the entire vehicle, yet it is also a key component of the “electrical system” since it is the power source for this system. The alternator is crucial for keeping the battery charged or recharged. This is important since the battery is not meant to run continually on its own. In this case the ignition system does not refer to the key ignition where you turn the key to start the vehicle. It refers to the series of electrical components that ends with the spark plug. The spark plug is what ignites the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders of internal combustion engines. If there is a misfire, then a signal from a sensor is recorded in the vehicle’s computer. During our free check engine diagnostic we attach a scanner to the vehicle computer to receive diagnostic trouble codes which give us a start of where to look for the problem. More information about the electrical system is available through our car care tips, videos, and free ebook.

If your vehicle has any electrical problems, whether it is specifically regarding the electrical system or not, bring it into the shop and we’ll take care of it. We offer free shuttle service, free estimates and a price match guarantee. We’re certified technicians with over 35 years of combined experience. We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother, and we never try to sell unnecessary repairs.

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