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differential maintenance and repairs

A differential for a rear wheel drive vehicle with cutout to see the inside

In medicine, a “differential” can refer to alternative diagnoses. So the word may confuse someone who is familiar with medicine or if they happen to watch medical dramas on TV. A differential in mechanics refers to a very specific  part of the drive train (or powertrain). The drive train is a series of parts that transfers the energy from the internal combustion engine to the wheels. The first of these is the transmission.

The differential may be among the first or last of the parts of a drive train. It consists of gears that help to rotate the direction of energy from the center of the vehicle to the wheels. In a front wheel drive vehicle, the transmission and differential are combined and called the transaxle. In a rear wheel drive, the energy from the internal combustion engine is transferred from the transmission to the drive shaft, to the rear differential, and then to the rear wheels. Four-wheel drive vehicles actually have a front and rear differential. Our free ebook has more detailed information and illustrations in chapter 9.

Differential Maintenance:

The differential consists of very specialized gears which can change the direction of where energy is transmitted. As a complicated gear-bearing device similar to the transmission, it has lubricating fluid to protect the gears and other parts over time. The vehicle manufacturer will recommend a mileage for a differential fluid flush and replacement. This mileage will be written in the owner’s manual. It may be around 50,000 miles, but varies by make and model. It is sooner in vehicles used for towing than in vehicles that aren’t used for towing.

Differential Repair:

Repairs for a differential in a rear-wheel drive or even four-wheel drive vehicles are much more accessible than in front-wheel drive vehicles which have a transaxle. In any drive train composition, there are some differentials that can be rebuilt. Others may have to be replaced. At Crawford’s Auto Repair we’ll do our best to keep your expenses as low as possible. We offer free shuttle service, free estimates and a price match guarantee. We’re certified technicians with over 35 years of combined experience. We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother and we never try to sell unnecessary repairs.

Customer review:
“Honest and reasonable. Crawford’s saved me almost $1,000 on a rear differential repair vs a quote I got from a Ford dealership, and my F-150 is running great again. Highly recommended.” –Errol B.
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