If your check engine light is on, then our emissions services would start with a free check engine light diagnostic.

emissions testingIn the Phoenix Metropolitan area there are specific requirements for emissions testing. Some of the factors for these regulations include the year the vehicle was manufactured and the population density of where the vehicle is driven. Older vehicles usually need to be tested every year, as well as any diesel engine. Newer vehicles may need to be tested every two years. Your vehicle registration renewal notice will inform you if you need a test. It is best to have your vehicle tested right away so that any failure can be repaired before the registration is expired. If your vehicle fails an emissions test then the registration cannot be renewed until the repairs are performed and it passes an emissions test. Go to ADEQ for information on emissions testing requirements.

Any vehicle made in 1996 and later has OBD-II compliance (on-board diagnostics). This means the vehicle is capable of self-testing all emissions components. So a test on newer vehicles only requires a diagnostic scanning device, which is plugged into an OBD-II plug on the vehicle. This checks for any faults and to make sure all readiness monitors are completed. If you’ve recently replaced your battery, or disconnected the cable for any reason, the emissions monitor will reset. And the vehicle will have to be driven under certain conditions to complete a drive cycle. A drive cycle can vary by make and model. If you need to complete a drive cycle, it is best to search the internet for specific instructions for your vehicle.

Vehicles made prior to 1996 are checked on a DYNO (short for dynamometer). They attach a hose to the exhaust pipe and monitor the exhaust. If you happen to fail an emissions test, then bring your vehicle to the shop with the emissions test sheet.

What to expect when you bring your vehicle to Crawford’s for emissions services:

  • You’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome. We’re always happy to meet new people.
  • You’ll speak directly with an owner/auto technician. Our business model does not include service writers, who are essentially middleman sales people. Service writers create gaps in communication between the customer and technician, and they often try to up-sell the customer to increase commissions. Without service writers, we can actually diagnose your vehicle’s problems better and for a much better price.
  • The technician will write down the symptoms or needs of your vehicle. He may take the vehicle for a test drive. Then he will perform a thorough inspection that includes a free safety check. We always provide free quotes to the customer and we never perform any services or repairs without the customer’s approval.
  • You’re always invited into our repair shop to observe the mechanic as he works. You’re also welcome to sit comfortably in our waiting room with free WiFi internet access. If you need to go somewhere while your vehicle is in the shop, we offer a free shuttle service.
  • We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother.
  • We never try to sell unnecessary repairs. We just tell it like it is. We don’t work on commissions, and we don’t do “bait and switch” advertising.
  • We strive to live up to our slogan of “quality you can trust.” See our customer reviews or read about some of our services in detail.

Customer reviews:

“These guys are experts for sure. . . Jeff and Brad are professionals who KNOW what they are doing. They just got me through emissions testing.” –Tony H.

“My car failed the Emissions Test. It is an older vehicle, so something could be wrong. . . Decided to inquire at Crawford’s. I’m glad I did. They confirmed that my car is functioning properly – apparently one of the lanes had bad equipment. Went back to the Emissions Test the same day – went through a different lane, and I passed! Thank you, Crawford’s for your excellent customer service and honesty.” –Michael M.

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