Cooling Systems

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cooling systemA cooling system is needed to dissipate excess heat created during the internal combustion process. Usually the “cooling system” refers to the system used to cool the engine, not the air conditioning which is used to cool car passengers. Yet, we also offer AC services and even a Free AC check.

Cooling System Maintenance:

Cooling system maintenance is preventive maintenance which helps to avoid an overheating situation and electrolysis (the breakdown of metals that occurs inside the engine block). Cooling system maintenance mileage varies by make and model. In some cases maintenance is necessary before the mileage indicated in the owner’s manual. For example, if the manufacturer recommendation is a coolant flush at 150,000 miles, it could easily need to be flushed before that.

The coolant is inspected at every oil change (about every 5,000 miles). When the coolant is found to be dirty, then a cooling system flush is necessary. Typically the coolant gets dirty when non-distilled water is mixed with it. The impurities in the water cause corrosion (breakdown of the metals in the engine) which collects with coolant. This can clog radiator and cooling passages.That’s why coolant is mixed with distilled water where these impurities are absent.

Any time the cooling system is opened put it back together we pressure test the cooling system to check for any leaks.

Cooling System Repair:

Simply flushing the cooling system will not correct an overheating concern. If your vehicle is overheating, as indicated with the temperature gauge on the dash and/or an engine temperature warning light, it would need to be diagnosed. Generally when a red warning light comes on (such as the engine temperature light), the vehicle should be safely pulled over and towed to a repair shop. Continuing to drive with a red warning light can cause major damage to the engine and result in expensive repairs.

If the coolant is low then there may be a leak. Leaks can occur at a water pump, heater core, hoses, radiator and at multiple locations throughout the engine. There is more information on the cooling system included in our car care tips, videos and free ebook.

If your vehicle is in need of cooling system maintenance or repair, then bring it to Crawford’s Auto Repair. We offer free shuttle service, free inspections, and a price match guarantee. We’re certified technicians with over 35 years of combined experience. We treat each vehicle as if it belonged to our own mother and we never try to sell unnecessary repairs.

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